Terms and Conditions of Chalet12’s communications with current and potential customers:

  1. Chalet12 is a trademark of Meridiano d´Ideias Unipessoal Lda., Headquartered at Av. Dr. Desidério Cambournac, nº12, 2710-553 Sintra Portugal;
  2. Chalet12 is a service company for natural or legal persons;
  3. Chalet12 can be contacted at info@chalet12.pt;
  4. All data provided in the completion of any form, namely “name” and “email”, will be used exclusively to fulfil the requested purpose of the form;
  5. If you answered “yes” to the question “Would you like to subscribe to our events and networking newsletter?”, You will receive information and invitations via email, for Chalet12 events;
  6. The personal data provided shall under no circumstances be transmitted to third parties without the prior permission of their legitimate owners;
  7. Data will be kept under strict privacy criteria until the purpose of its provision is fulfilled and / or we are requested by its owner to delete it;
  8. The data owner has the right to obtain a copy of the data (right of access to personal data) as well as other basic rights in the field of data protection (see full list of rights);
  9. The owner of the data may at any time withdraw the consent given for the use of the data, requesting it to the contact email informed above.

Chalet12 EVENTS – Data Collection Terms and Conditions

  1. During Chalet12 Events, Image and Video will be collected. This data will only be used for the promotion and dissemination of that specific Event. By participating in Chalet12 organizing and broadcasting events, you consent to the collection and dissemination of promotional images and broadcasting of that same event on Chalet12’s “Social Media” channels such as its website (www.chalet12.pt/), Facebook page, Instagram feed, LinkedIn and / or Twitter page.

  2. For the purposes of booking and registering for Chalet12 events, we collect personal data such as Name, Address, Email, Tax ID, Date of Birth and others. This data will be used exclusively for the registration and booking of Chalet12 events.