Press Release – Sintra, October 10, 2019

Taking place between today and 13 October at the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center in Sintra

“CHALET12 is one of the Catalysts
of the 4th Edition UBUCON EUROPE”

CHALET12, Sintra’s largest Cowork center, is one of the catalysts for the 4th Edition of UBUCON EUROPE, the first international conference on the Ubuntu operating system to be held in Portugal, which will take place from October 10 to 13 in Sintra, Portugal at the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center.
Ubuntu is a free and open operating system, alternative to that of Macintosh and Microsoft, present in the market for 15 years and that defines itself as “Linux for human beeings”, according to Tiago Carrondo, member of the Ubuntu Portugal community and one of the organizers of the conference. It is a desktop operating system, but very strong in the cloud, “where it has a market share of over 50%, and customers as diverse as Uber, Tinder and Facebook, ”explains this manager.
The conference will be attended by members of the worldwide Ubuntu Community from over 20 countries, with 4 continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe), totaling around 400 participants and 50 speakers.
The Ubuntu Portugal group, a non-profit and collaborative community, meets every month in Sintra at Chalet12 (, where also one of the event’s speakers has a workspace. Chalet12 is the logistics center of this 4th UBUCON EUROPE Edition, welcoming speakers and participants, for which it organized a warm-up party yesterday.
Rui Jorge, the Chalet12 project mentor, says that “Chalet12 naturally assumed itself as one of the event’s sponsors and was struck for its realization in Sintra, both for the excellent quality of the city’s existing infrastructure to host such an event. As for the importance of Sintra asserting itself, at the international level, on a stage for the discussion of cutting-edge issues in the area of Information Technologies, a clear way to attract “gray matter” and generate differentiating value for Sintra and for Portugal ”.
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